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The Trauma Center at Lee Memorial Hospital is the only trauma center on Florida's Gulf Coast between Tampa and Miami. It is designated as a Level II Trauma Center by the state of Florida, since July 1994

The Trauma Center treats more than 2,000 patients per year and serves a five-county area: Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Glades and Hendry counties.

Trauma victims are those patients who have received an injury that must be treated in a very narrow window of time in order for the patients to survive. Most often, these patients are victims of automobile accidents, falls, gunshots, stabbings or burns. For the greatest chances of survival, trauma victims must receive treatment within the "Golden Hour," or the first 60 minutes after receiving the injury.

A trauma center is not the same as a hospital emergency department. According to state law, trauma centers are required to have a certain number of trauma-certified physicians and surgeons on staff and on site 24 hours per day. Trauma centers must also have specific specialists and sub-specialists on-call at all times and these specialists must be able to respond to the trauma center within minutes of an emergency notification. In addition to specialized staff, trauma centers must have equipment specifically designed to care for trauma victims.

Trauma Center

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The Trauma Center Located at Lee Memorial Hospital


The Trauma Center

2776 Cleveland Avenue

Fort Myers, FL  33901




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