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H1N1 Non-vaccinated Medical Staff Update

posted 1/29/10


The recent mask requirement for non-vaccinated physicians, employees and volunteers has been suspended due to the steady decline in the number of possible H1N1 flu cases. This does not alter the requirements for known or suspected H1N1 patients. The suspension of masks may be reinstituted at any time should there be an increase of H1N1 flu activity. Please direct questions to Steve Streed, System Director, Epidemiology/Infection Prevention at 343-5645. 



LMHS Launches Major Patient Safety Campaign

posted 8/4/09


Improving patient safety is the No. 1 priority for the health system. In order to access the current culture of patient safety at LMHS, Craig Clapper and his team with HPI recently interviewed more than 700 employees and physicians regarding patient safety.  Craig has spent some time these past few weeks presenting his findings to Physician Leadership, as well as LMHS Leadership. 


To view Craig's presentation on a DVD, please call Brad Pollins, System Director of Organizational Effectiveness, at 242-6280.



Proper Hand Hygiene Is Key!

posted 6/11/09


LMHS has recently launched a system-wide hand hygiene initiative to ensure proper hand washing and patient safety.  Make sure to wash your hands upon entering and exiting a patient's room.


Proper hand washing is 100 percent necessary if we are to continue fighting illness and infection within our hospitals.

Over the past year LMHS has strategically launched a hand washing campaign throughout the health system. You may have even noticed the black and white hand washing dispensers being installed in the hospitals. These convenient dispensers allow our patients and caregivers to have clean hands all throughout the day and night.

Our Infection Control team is working extremely hard to make sure each employee and physician washes his or her hands before entering and upon exiting a patientís room.  We must work together over the coming year as a team to tackle the hand washing challenge.








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