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Lee Memorial Hospital

Facility Medical Executive Committee




Kurt Markgraf, M.D.

Douglas Brust, M.D.
Past President

Razak Dosani, M.D.




Marc A. Michelsen, D.O.
Dept. Chair, Anesthesiology

Daniel de la Torre, M.D.
Dept. Chair, Medicine

Nelayda Fonte, D.O.
Dept. Chair, Surgery




Kevin J. Fleishman, M.D.
Dept. Chair, OB/Gyn

P.J. Tsakalakis, M.D.
Dept. Chair, Pathology

Abusayeed Feroz,M.D.
Facility Quality Chair


David S. Gerson, M.D.
Dept. Chair, Radiology 

James Gostigian, M.D.
 Dept. Chair, Emergency Medicine

Daniel de la Torre, M.D.
 System Credentialing/Privileging




Rahul Challapalli, M.D.

Robert Gear Jr., DMD, M.D.

Alfred Gitu, M.D.


George Kalemeris, M.D.

John Lawlor, DPM

Patrick Leach, M.D.

Francisco Rodriguez, M.D.

Ex-officio Members and Staff:
Lisa Sgarlata - Chief Administrative Officer
Jennifer Higgins - VP Patient Care Services
Mark Greenberg, M.D. - System Medical Director
Chris Hansen - Board Liaison
Mary McGillicuddy - Chief Legal Officer
Kevin Fleishmah, M.D. -  Dept. Chair. OB/GYN
Olga L. Ruiz, CPCS, CPMSM - Director, Medical Staff Administrative Services
Anola Jones - Medical Staff Services Coordinator


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