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A New Appreciation for Stock

If you re planning to make a charitable gift to Lee Memorial Health System Foundation, you may want to consider putting away your checkbook and think about donating appreciated publicly traded stock instead.

Recent gains in the stock market may make this an opportune time to make a charitable stock gift, especially if you have stock that you ve owned longer than one year that has substantially increased in value and you itemize deductions on your federal income tax return.

Donating stock you ve owned longer than one year may allow you to deduct the full fair market value of the stock as a charitable contribution, not just your original cost. Doing so may help decrease your tax liability.

You also may realize additional tax savings because donating appreciated stock to a qualified charity, such as Lee Memorial Health System Foundation, may allow you to bypass capital gains taxes. This can result in significant savings if the value of the stock has substantially increased since you purchased it.

While there are certainly tax benefits associated with donating appreciated stock, you also may want to consider doing so to retain your available cash to meet other financial needs and/or to reduce your ownership position in a particular stock.

As the amount that may be saved by donating stock will depend upon your tax bracket and financial situation, you should consult your financial advisor, tax accountant or attorney to see if making a gift of appreciated stock will help your individual situation. Giving a gift of stock is easy and a great way to help your community. Please contact Linda Kelly of Lee Memorial Health System Foundation at 239-343-6064 or by email at Linda.Kelly@LeeMemorial.org for more information on how your stock gift can make a difference in the lives of others


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