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ISO 9001 Certification Recognizes Consistency, Quality

ISO 9001 Certification Recognizes Consistency, Quality
“Every member of the Lee Memorial Health System team is vital to our success,” says Jim Nathan, president, Lee Memorial Health System.

The key to quality health care is consistency. Creating a positive experience and favorable outcome doesn t just happen without standardization and consistency, but it also requires a commitment to constant improvement. Lee Memorial Health System subscribes to these ideals, and recently earned ISO 9001:2008 certification an impressive endorsement of our efforts.

Used in industries throughout the world, ISO certification is a systematic approach to improving quality by providing consistent service, improving customer satisfaction and continually improving the organization. The gold standard for quality improvement systems, ISO 9001 applies a more formal framework for quality that ensures even the smallest act of innovation is captured, shared and consistently applied in order to benefit all of our patients.

There are eight principles of ISO 9001, including:

  • Customer focus enhancing the experience for patients, loved ones and community partners
  • Leadership applying and supporting staff in implementing strategies and objectives
  • Involvement of people everyone associated with the health care system is vital to success
  • Process approach every key process is defined, monitored and managed
  • System approach to management understanding how the processes interact to achieve objectives
  • Continual improvement keep improving through inquiry and follow-through
  • Factual approach to decision making monitor, measure and note every step in the process
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships suppliers are viewed as valued partners

By implementing a formal quality management system, Lee Memorial Health System will increase efficiencies, patient satisfaction and internal communication, while also increasing overall internal satisfaction.

After a 36-month evaluation process that included the development of a formal quality management system, review and improvement of the quality management system, employee training, development of required procedures and the establishment of a process for internal quality audits, we are very proud to earn this certification. says Jim Nathan, president, Lee Memorial Health System.

Every member of the Lee Memorial Health System team is vital to our success, and we appreciate all they do every day and night to serve our patients, their loved ones and our community, their commitment to consistency, high quality, compassionate health care is admirable and recognized locally and industry wide.

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