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Hospital Volunteers a Valuable Part of the Team

Hospital Volunteers a Valuable Part of the Team
“Norma Jasper works in the Volunteer Services office, where she uses her organizational and clerical skills she honed during her years in banking.

Norma Jasper spent 42 years in banking. When she retired and she and her husband moved to Florida permanently, she knew she wanted to volunteer at a hospital.

I was a candy striper in high school and always enjoyed working in the hospital, Norma says. In fact, I would say I was always a nurse wannabe so I checked out the volunteer options in Southwest Florida. I chose to volunteer with Lee Memorial Health System for a number of reasons, but particularly because of Golisano Children s Hospital and the Trauma Center.

Norma started volunteering twice a week in the operating room at HealthPark Medical Center. In her role, she served as liaison between the OR and the patient s family in the waiting room. Open-heart surgeries can last five or six hours, so I would update the family on where the doctors were in the operation, she says. At a certain point, I knew the surgery was almost over and I d let the family know. I couldn t relay any medical information, but I was there to provide updates and comfort. It was very rewarding.

The rest of the time, Norma would clean the operating room and get it ready for the next procedure. That was hard work mopping the floors, cleaning the equipment, she says.

In addition to her work in the OR, Norma also worked in the baby gift shop which is now the Uniform Store.

When my husband retired, I cut back to one day a week, so I gave up the work in the OR, Norma says. At that time, there was an opening in the Volunteer Resources office, and since office work is more in line with my background, I started volunteering there. I really enjoy it. As with my other volunteer jobs, I ve found you can make as much out of it as you want. Even though I m in the office now, I can still interact with families, patients and other volunteers.

Norma says she has always been impressed with the employees she s met in her volunteer posts. The employees appreciate what we do as volunteers, she says. They are very thankful for the volunteers and they communicate that, which is nice. I ve always looked at my volunteer work like it s a job because the people you re working for are counting on you to do your work.

Volunteering has been such a great experience for Norma that she recruited her neighbor, a snowbird, to volunteer at Golisano Children s Hospital of Southwest Florida while she is in Florida.

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available at each Lee Memorial Health System hospital. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering, visit www. LeeMemorial.org/volunteer/index.asp.

You also can call:

  • 239-424-2206 for Cape Coral Hospital
  • 239-343-0636 for Gulf Coast Medical Center
  • 239-343-5055 for HealthPark Medical Center or Golisano Children s Hospital
  • 239-343-2388 for Lee Memorial Hospital




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