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“The families of Southwest Florida deserve the best health care close to home, ” Nick Naples says.
Once complete, the new 128-bed Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida will focus on patients, families and caregivers and empower them with inspiration, hope, healing and support. The more than 500 design and planning meetings that included input from physicians, nurses, managers, administrators, facility teams and patient families provided the collaboration needed to ensure the end result is ideal for young patients and their families.

Nick and Jennifer Naples whose fourth child, Joey, was born three months early and spent more than three months in the hospital, and Jennifer, herself, spent two months in the perinatal intensive care unit at HealthPark Medical Center volunteered their time to the planning and design process. "We wanted to contribute our skills, talents and experience to ensure that Golisano Children's Hospital is the absolute best place for family-centered children's health care in Southwest Florida and beyond," Nick says.

"We attribute Joey's miraculous recovery to the compassionate and competent care that he received from the doctors, nurses, specialists and volunteers at both Golisano Children's Hospital and HealthPark Medical Center. We feel a tremendous responsibility to do everything possible to share our experience for the benefit of our community."

Unlike adult hospitals that have normal visiting hours, parents of a sick child do not go home; they stay with their child. Because of this, Nick and Jennifer say it is important to know how to best support the families to minimize their stress during the very difficult and overwhelming time in their lives.

"The new hospital will provide conveniences for the families," Nick says. "Comfortable sleeping arrangements within patient rooms, laundry services, family lounges and outdoor gardens support patient families. Access to the latest technology provides caregivers the tools to deliver exceptional patient-centered care. Areas of respite allow caregivers to 'rejuvenate' so that they can be the best they can be for their patients and families."

Nick adds that having world-class children's health care in our community is extremely important. "The families of Southwest Florida deserve the best health care close to home so that they don't have to travel long distances to be with a sick child," he says. "As a family living in Southwest Florida, we are grateful for the health care we received close to home we are all truly blessed."

For Kathy Bridge-Liles, chief administrative officer, and Emad Salman, M.D., medical director, the plans for the new children's hospital have been a labor of love. "Dr. Salman and I have attended all of the more than 500 planning and design meetings," Kathy says. "I have had the privilege of being involved in identifying and developing services for children in Southwest Florida for more than 20 years, and Dr. Salman has been involved for 16 years. Together we strive to meet the needs of our community's children.

It is incredibly exciting to know that the new children's hospital will support comprehensive and consolidated care, and the dream of meeting the health care needs of our children will become a reality."

Dr. Salman says he and the Golisano Children's Hospital leadership are constantly assessing patient needs to determine which programs should be expanded and what types of specialists should be recruited.

"The new Golisano Children's Hospital meets a tremendous need," Kathy says. "Children are our legacy, our future, and we must meet their medical needs so that they can become healthy, productive members of our community in the future."


How You Can Help

Thomas GolisanoPhilanthropy is crucial to the completion of the new hospital. Mr. B. Thomas Golisano's pledge to match dollar-for-dollar all capital contributions up to $20 million was a real catalyst for the fundraising campaign. We appreciate the support of our generous benefactors the organizations, individuals and grateful families who have graciously donated to our capital campaign. If you are interested in learning more about the capital campaign or would like to contribute, please visit



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