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Lee Memorial Health System encourages employees to further their education, development and careers with us! As employees improve their knowledge and skills, it enhances the care we provide. There are a variety of formal and informal programs in place that empower employees to pursue their passions.

Tuition reimbursement or advancement: Available to regular full-time, part-time and PRN staff after 12 months of employment, this assistance may provide up to $2,500 (critical needs) or $1,300 (all other) per year to pursue formal study programs at accredited colleges, universities or vocational schools. Coursework must relate to employees’ current positions and benefit the System, prepare or qualify them for career advancement at Lee Memorial Health System, or be on the critical needs list.

Education grants: Available to employees, volunteers and the community-at-large, grants to pursue education that will prepare recipients for careers at Lee Memorial Health System. Applicants must be residents of Lee County and attend local schools, colleges and universities unless approved by Lee Memorial Health System by “exception.”

Career Assessment Process:
Lee Memorial Health System’s Organizational Effectiveness and Human Resources departments offer career assessment interpretation sessions and information about career choices, job satisfaction, occupational interests and job preferences through an online assessment tool. This may be required to receive educational assistance funds.

School at Work: This 32-week program is geared toward entry-level employees who have a high school diploma or GED to help them develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to become successful in the health care field. Basic math, writing, computer skills, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology are covered. Classes meet for approximately two hours a week and alternate between traditional classroom study, computer lab and independent study.

Leadership Development: Developing strong leaders not only builds a strong internal stock of talent, but also makes for happier and more engaged teams. Lee Memorial Health System has a structured internal leadership development program designed around four stages of leadership:

  1. Emerging leaders – supervisors responsible for best using employees’ talent and building winning teams.

  2. Operational leaders – middle managers who improve performance at the unit and department levels.

  3. Strategic leaders – executives responsible for service performance or a system-wide division or department.

  4. Transformational leaders – senior leaders responsible for the overall direction, health and performance of Lee Memorial Health System.

The foundation course, called LEEadership Academy, is an intensive eight-week program that builds knowledge and skill in people management, finance, quality, service and community. Ongoing assessment, coaching and development of skills are offered as leaders progress in their careers with the System.

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