Working your way to Better Health: February 26, 2012

It may be an exaggeration to say your work is killing you, but it could be contributing to your overall health. As more Americans spend their days behind a desk they’re becoming more sedentary.

“I’d say 95% of my clients sit behind a desk all day,” says Heather Parker, an exercise specialist with Lee Memorial Health System.

Heather is a fitness instructor at the Wellness Center of Cape Coral. She coaches people on how to stay active even if they’re not going anywhere.

“Some things you can do are simple chair exercises. Just standing up and sitting down slowly and doing that about 10 or 12 times just to get your heart rate going a little bit.”

Office workers used to multi-tasking can add a few things to get their blood pumping.

“You can lift your legs up and squeeze your quads and then push, point and flex your foot,” says Parker.

An added dimension is tossing out the ‘sitting behind a desk’ notion altogether and moving up to a standing workplace.

“I’m on the computer all day long, spread sheets, setting up meetings. Then I realized that I was sitting too much and my back and my hips started to really bother me and my neck,” says Marianne Asaro, an administrative worker.

Marianne wasn’t going to take it sitting down. Along with a growing number of Americans she graduated to a higher workspace.

“Your posture is more in the normal alignment as opposed to sitting down, most people don’t slouch as much when they stand up as they do when they sit down so that is really good for your bones,” says Dr. Sal Lacagnina, Vice President of Health and Wellness for Lee Memorial Health System.

Changing a few habits could change your overall perspective and keep you healthier and more productive.