Cookie's Place: A Healing Space: January 13, 2012

It’s hard to miss the trendy boutique located in the Regional Cancer Center. Cookie’s Place is a step off the beaten path. It offers retail therapy, with products hand-picked for people undergoing cancer treatment.

“We do jewelry, we do several gift items, we do a lot of scarves. We do breast forms and undergarments for the ladies and of course our wigs,” says Lindy French, coordinator of Cookie’s Place.

There are also indulgences like spa setting massages that treat not only the body, but the spirit as well.

“It gives them a break and it lets them have an enjoyable moment for a small part of their time here,” says French.

Cookie’s Place is named in honor and memory of Cookie Needle. She created the shop in hopes of giving cancer patients, she was one herself, the opportunity to look and feel good.

And that’s exactly what it did for breast cancer survivor Erini Bonou-Price.

“I always will come here to get the wigs because I’m so used to the wigs now I don’t think I can ever wear my own hair.”

“It shows them that they can still be feminine and they can still look very attractive and no one needs to know what is going on inside of their bodies,” says French.

Because the Cookie’s customer wants to not only beat cancer, but look good doing it.

“It is important how we look, to me it is and I’m sure to every other women it is important how we look,” says Erini.

And so, like the other services in this building, Cookie’s Place has become a healing space.