Making Pregnancy Comfortable: May 1, 2014

Before feeling the joy of motherhood many soon-to-be-moms are experiencing the discomfort of pregnancy.

“As they get a little bit heavier, they find they cannot do certain things so they’ll manipulate their bodies in other positions and get themselves in trouble,” says Pat Curr, a physical therapist with Lee Memorial Health System. “But some people have had issues prior to pregnancy. Some type of back issues or injuries, it kind of sets them up for an added back issue while they’re pregnant.”

Turns out, pregnancy is a delicate time for the spine.

“We teach them how to self manage with body mechanics. And strengthening exercises can still strengthen your core when you are pregnant and then afterwards sometimes they are left with issues that are weak muscles and stretched ligaments and we can help them re-cooperate the strength,” Curr says.

Supervised, specialized therapy has benefits that extend beyond the baby bump phase. The added strength and flexibility can prepare the body for the baby’s birth. And can also help mom’s bounce back after the delivery.

“A lot of people would benefit from it because you don’t have to have that type of pain being pregnant. You’ll have some because of the extra weight, but there is that fine line where it’s really uncomfortable and it interferes with your everyday life.”

Expectant moms may get some pampering in the process, as massage plays a part of the therapy session.