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2012 Video Archives

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Date Video Title Category Script
12/31/12 Putting to Rest Myths About Seniors & Sleep Wellness script
12/30/12 Keeping your Heart Pumping Cardiology script
12/29/12 Rotator Cuff Repair on the Rise Orthopedics script
12/28/12 Bringing MRI out in the Open Imaging script
12/27/12 Getting the Most out of Sports Orthopedics script
12/26/12 The Power of Aspirin Cancer script
12/25/12 Christmas to Remember: Beating Leukemia Pediatrics script
12/24/12 Gifts We Give Ourselves Wellness script
12/23/12 Brain Attack- Breaking Down Stroke Neurology script
12/22/12 Chronic Kidney Stones, Hanging in the Balance Urology script
12/21/12 Taking Charge of your Back Rehabilitation script
12/20/12 Basal Cell Carcinoma- Putting your Best Face Forward Cancer script
12/19/12 Hospital Preps for Season, Adds Beds Awareness script
12/18/12 The Truth About Arm & Hand Trauma Orthopedics script
12/17/12 Taking the Sting Out of the ER Pediatrics script
12/16/12 Stuttering- A Window of Opportunity Rehabilitation script
12/15/12 Treating Contracture- Loosening up after a Stroke Rehabilitation script
12/14/12 Autism & the Flu Factor During Pregnancy Women’s Health script
12/13/12 Apnea & Heart Risk Cardiology script
12/12/12 Party Proof Your Holiday Diet Diet/Nutrition script
12/11/12 Breast Cancer without a Lump Cancer script
12/10/12 No Scalpel Vasectomy Men's Health script
12/09/12 Breaking the Silence on HPV Cancer script
12/08/12 The Aging Heart Cardiology script
12/07/12 Exercise Increases Life Expectancy Wellness script
12/06/12 The Hipper Hip Procedure Orthopedics script
12/05/12 Being Called Back After a Mammogram Cancer script
12/04/12 OTC Meds & Your Child's Fever Pediatrics script
12/03/12 A Shocking Way to Break Up Kidney Stones Urology script
12/02/12 Stop the Spinning and Reclaim your Balance Rehabilitation script
12/01/12 Fixing the Breaks - Treating Car Crash Injuries Trauma script
11/30/12 Tuning into a Tremor Disorder Neurology script
11/29/12 The Tanning Bed Toll Cancer script
11/28/12 Diabetes & Heart Disease Cardiology script
11/27/12 Food Neophobia Pediatrics script
11/26/12 Can This Finger be Saved? Orthopedics script
11/25/12 Colon Cancer a Silent Killer Cancer script
11/24/12 Stent & Angioplasty - It's all in the Wrist Cardiology script
11/23/12 Burning off the Holiday Pounds Wellness script
11/22/12 Talking Turkey and Avoiding Food borne Illness Awareness script
11/21/12 Kids Migraines - What a Pain! Pediatrics script
11/20/12 Stopping Bladder Leakage, Naturally Urology script
11/19/12 Relief from Hip Bursitis Orthopedics script
11/18/12 Breaking Down Pulmonary Embolism Pulmonary script
11/17/12 Promoting Health in the Workplace Awareness script
11/16/12 Unrecognized Heart Attacks Cardiology script
11/15/12 Changing the Face of Prostate Cancer Cancer script
11/14/12 Keeping Kids Comfortable in the Hospital Pediatrics script
11/13/12 New Way to Look for HIV Prevention script
11/12/12 Suffering Soldiers: A Look at PTSD Behavioral Health script
11/11/12 A kinder, Gentler C-Section Women’s Health script
11/10/12 Bye-Bye to Bunions Orthopedics script
11/09/12 Myelodysplastic Syndrome- Not Just Preleukemia Cancer script
11/08/12 Leading Causes of Child Deaths Pediatrics script
11/07/12 The Flu Shot- Who Really Gets It Prevention script
11/06/12 Working the Heart Muscle Cardiology script
11/05/12 Level 3 Spine Therapy Rehabilitation script
11/04/12 Learning the Signs of Autism Pediatrics script
11/03/12 Treating Your Child's Sleep Apnea Pediatrics script
11/02/12 Adults Need Vaccines Too Prevention script
11/01/12 Dunbar House- Diversity Medicine Awareness script
10/31/12 Drug for High Risk Basal Cell Skin Cancer Cancer script
10/30/12 Picking the Right Artificial Joint Orthopedics script
10/29/12 Automated Medication Dispensers Awareness script
10/28/12 Exercise for Lymphedema Rehabilitation script
10/27/12 ER Alert: Fallout From Synthetic Marijuana Awareness script
10/26/12 What’s New with the Flu Shot Prevention script
10/25/12 Kids Falls Land Them Broken Elbows Pediatrics script
10/24/12 Getting a Grip on Tremors Neurology script
10/23/12 Mapping Breast Cancer Cancer script
10/22/12 Cardiac Wakeup Call Cardiology script
10/21/12 Service & Prescriptions, Coming and Going Awareness script
10/20/12 Exercise Lowers Stress & Anxiety Wellness script
10/19/12 Getting Back the Spring in Your Step Orthopedics script
10/18/12 20 Min Exercise Cuts Kid's Diabetes Risk Pediatrics script
10/17/12 New View on Screening Dense Breasts Cancer script
10/16/12 The Failing Heart: Breaking Down Congestive Heart Failure Cardiology script
10/15/12 Your Diabetes Score Card Diabetes script
10/14/12 Never Say Diet Diet/Nutrition script
10/13/12 Your Child’s Asthma Enemies Pediatrics script
10/12/12 Lumbar Disc Implant Neurology script
10/11/12 Scanning for Strokes Neurology script
10/10/12 Testosterone Trouble- Men Getting their Groove Back Men’s Health script
10/09/12 Torn Rotator Cuff- Years of Being a Good Sport Orthopedics script
10/08/12 ENB: New Way to Navigate the Lungs Cancer script
10/07/12 UTI- A Common Complaint Urology script
10/06/12 Older Women and Reproductive Cancers Cancer script
10/05/12 The Breakdown of Joint Replacement Orthopedics script
10/04/12 Have you Checked your Cholesterol Lately? Cardiology script
10/03/12 Headstart on Kid's Health Pediatrics script
10/02/12 Who's at Risk for Pulmonary Embolism Pulmonary script
10/01/12 Easing the Pain of Arthritis Orthopedics script
09/30/12 Where in the World is my Rotator Cuff? Orthopedics script
09/29/12 Having the Talk with your Parents Awareness script
09/28/12 Clinic Addresses ALS Needs Neurology script
09/27/12 Does My Snoring Child Have Apnea? Pediatrics script
09/26/12 Breast Cancer Risks Rise with Weight Cancer script
09/25/12 Exercise in Middle Age Lowers Health Risks Wellness script
09/24/12 Dunbar House: Breaking Down Barriers Awareness script
09/23/12 Joint Replacement Giving Seniors a Leg Up Orthopedics script
09/22/12 Blood Donors Dry Up in Off Season Blood script
09/21/12 Nothing Showing After Thyroid Surgery Cancer script
09/20/12 CDC To Baby Boomers: Test For Hepatitis C Prevention script
09/19/12 Trauma Survivors Help With Healing Trauma script
09/18/12 Using Hormones to Treat Prostate Cancer Cancer script
09/17/12 New Ventilator for NICU Pediatrics script
09/16/12 Recovering From a C-Section Women’s Health script
09/15/12 Crohn's vs Ulcerative Colitis Gastroenterology script
09/14/12 Pros of Prostate Screening Cancer script
09/13/12 The Breakdown on Bedwetting Pediatrics script
09/12/12 Not Your Grandma’s Sciatica Neurology script
09/11/12 Aphasia: At a Loss for Words Rehabilitation script
09/10/12 Family Medicine Residency Program Awareness script
09/09/12 Treating Stress Incontinence Without Surgery Awareness script
09/08/12 Taking Steps to Treat PAD Surgery script
09/07/12 Simplifying Heart Surgery Cardiology script
09/06/12 Big Boom Of Knee Replacements Orthopedics script
09/05/12 Are Kids Getting Enough Sleep? Pediatrics script
09/04/12 The 411 on Synthetic Drugs Awareness script
09/03/12 Hospital-Based Pharmacy Awareness script
09/02/12 Robotic Surgery a Game Changer Surgery script
09/01/12 Oncotyping May Help Tailor Cancer Treatment Cancer script
08/31/12 Lady Killers: Hidden Heart Disease Cardiology script
08/30/12 What Your Torn Meniscus Means to You Orthopedics script
08/29/12 More People are Walking Wellness script
08/28/12 Treating HIV Immediately Awareness script
08/27/12 Kids With Diabetes, Sicker Quicker Pediatrics script
08/26/12 What's Bothering Your Back? Neurology script
08/25/12 Saving Hearts with LVAD Cardiology script
08/24/12 Staying on Top of Balance Rehabilitation script
08/23/12 Putting MS on the Mat Neurology script
08/22/12 5 Things You Should Know About Whooping Cough Pediatrics script
08/21/12 Men Watching and Waiting on Prostate Cancer Cancer script
08/20/12 Risks in Delaying Childhood Vaccinations Pediatrics script
08/19/12 Kids and Brain Strain Pediatrics script
08/18/12 Your Walk May Indicate Alzheimer's Neurology script
08/17/12 Colon and Rectal Tumors May Be Same Cancer script
08/16/12 Busting Food Myths Diet/Nutrition script
08/15/12 Fast Fix For Rotator Cuff Orthopedics script
08/14/12 Food for The Heart Cardiology script
08/13/12 HIV Home Test Awareness script
08/12/12 Making Cancer Manageable Cancer script
08/11/12 Sitting Less May Add Years to Your Life Wellness script
08/10/12 Don’t Forget Rabies Risk on Vacation Prevention script
08/09/12 Helping Preemies Breathe Easy Pediatrics script
08/08/12 Life Preserver for the Heart Cardiology script
08/07/12 Massage For Osteoarthritis, Medical Conditions Orthopedics script
08/06/12 Cranberries Protect Against Urinary Tract Infections Urology script
08/05/12 Robotic Surgery for Vaginal Prolapse Women’s Health script
08/04/12 Sports Medicine Pushing the Envelope Orthopedics script
08/03/12 Why BMI Is Important To Your Heart Cardiology script
08/02/12 Elite Athletes and Average Joes - Overuse Injuries Orthopedics script
08/01/12 Safe Swimmers: Olympic Swimmers Start with Lessons Pediatrics script
07/31/12 The Science of 1/100 of a Second Orthopedics script
07/30/12 Sleep Like an Olympian Sleep script
07/29/12 East Meets West - Acupuncture & Cancer Cancer script
07/28/12 Thyroid Cancers Less Likely To Shorten Lifespan Cancer script
07/27/12 Diagnosing ALS Neurology script
07/26/12 New Blood Center Blood script
07/25/12 Precocious Puberty Pediatrics script
07/24/12 A History of Heart Disease Cardiology script
07/23/12 Fixing a Fractured Pelvis Orthopedics script
07/22/12 Monitoring Medical Conditions at Home Technology script
07/21/12 Diet Pitfalls Diet/Nutrition script
07/20/12 Shingles and Chickenpox Prevention script
07/19/12 Controlling Kid’s Migraines Pediatrics script
07/18/12 Low Dose CT Scans to Look for Lung Cancer Cancer script
07/17/12 Nailing Down a Solution for Hammertoe Orthopedics script
07/16/12 Taming An Overactive Bladder Urology script
07/15/12 Having Surgery Without Going To The Hospital Surgery script
07/14/12 HPV Causing Cancer In Men Cancer script
07/13/12 Treating Pre-Diabetes May Avoid Full Blown Disease Diabetes script
07/12/12 Exercise Pushes Your Happiness Button Wellness script
07/11/12 Done With Diapers Pediatrics script
07/10/12 EPIC On The Move Technology script
07/09/12 Burning Back Pain with Radio Frequency Ablation Orthopedics script
07/08/12 Proper Hydration Awareness script
07/07/12 Getting Stroke Patients Back on Their Feet Neurology script
07/06/12 Hints You May Have Heart Disease Cardiology script
07/05/12 Going 3D: the Latest in CT Scanners Imaging script
07/04/12 Aspirin May be Cancer Wonder Drug Cancer script
07/03/12 Women and Bunions Orthopedics script
07/02/12 Treatment of Thyroid Growths Cancer script
07/01/12 Cookie's Lasting Legacy Cancer script
06/30/12 Growing Up with Crohn's Disease Gastrointestinal script
06/29/12 Improving Survival for Female Cancers Cancer script
06/28/12 Keeping Stride with Barefoot Running Orthopedics script
06/27/12 Heart Attack Myth Busters Cardiology script
06/26/12 Lengthening the Achilles Tendon Orthopedics script
06/25/12 Changing the Course of Diabetes Diabetes script
06/24/12 Jumping into Swim Therapy Rehabilitation script
06/23/12 Born Addicted NAS Pediatrics script
06/22/12 Congestive Heart Failure Fact and Fiction Cardiology script
06/21/12 Trending Now – Occupational Health Awareness script
06/20/12 Changing Mindset of Juvenile Diabetes Pediatrics script
06/19/12 PSA: Is There a Better Way? Cancer script
06/18/12 Back in Shape, Breast Reconstruction Cancer script
06/17/12 Taking Care of Female Athletes Orthopedics script
06/16/12 Your Brain – Use It or Lose it Neurology script
06/15/12 Hair Sparing Brain Surgery Neurology script
06/14/12 Tips to Stop Stuttering Rehabilitation script
06/13/12 House Calls Awareness script
06/12/12 Risk Factors for Head and Neck Cancers Cancer script
06/11/12 Horses Present Rabies Risk Awareness script
06/10/12 Building a Strong Core for Baby Pediatrics script
06/09/12 Pain in the Neck Arthritis Orthopedics script
06/08/12 Keys to Drug Coated Heart Stents Cardiology script
06/07/12 Summertime and Lymphedema Rehabilitation script
06/06/12 Endometrial Ablation: Women Say Goodbye to Monthly Visitor Women’s Health script
06/05/12 An Important Reminder: Kids in Hot Cars Pediatrics script
06/04/12 Breaking Down Obesity Epidemic Awareness script
06/03/12 Hospital Patient Identification Awareness script
06/02/12 The Long Road Back, Recovering from a Trauma Trauma script
06/01/12 New Ways to Save Hearts Cardiology script
05/31/12 Not Your Parents' Tonsillectomy Pediatrics script
05/30/12 Hard Knocks Looking at Sports Concussions Neurology script
05/29/12 Gynecological Cancers Often Picked Up Later Women’s Health script
05/28/12 Music Therapy Both Science and Art Pediatrics script
05/27/12 Lullaby and Goodnight, Getting Baby to Sleep Pediatrics script
05/26/12 Salt and Stroke Risk Neurology script
05/25/12 Wonders of Wound Healing Wound Care script
05/24/12 Gluten Free Diet: Friend or Fad? Diet/Nutrition script
05/23/12 Outpatient Infusion Therapy Gastroenterology script
05/22/12 Exercise Picks up People with Parkinson’s Neurology script
05/21/12 Pap Tests Save Lives Women's Health script
05/20/12 Reading your Heart’s Warning Signs Cardiology script
05/19/12 Going Inside Gallbladder Surgery Surgery script
05/18/12 Accident Proofing Kids Pediatrics  script
05/17/12 Breast Cancer in Younger Women Cancer script
05/16/12 What’s Eating You? Keeping a Food Journal Diet/Nutrition script
05/15/12 Telehealth Technology script
05/14/12 Bronchiolitis Pediatrics script
05/13/12 The Cadillac of MRIs Imaging script
05/12/12 Pneumonia Vaccine Prevention script
05/11/12 Timing Equals Outcome in Hip Surgery Orthopedics script
05/10/12 A Destination for ALS Patients Neurology script
05/09/12 Teaching Kids to Get Moving Pediatrics script
05/08/12 A First from SWFL: Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Gynecological Cancers Cancer script
05/07/12 Gentle C-Section Women’s Health script
05/06/12 Stressless Stress Tests Cardiology script
05/05/12 Getting a Grip-Thumb Surgery Orthopedics script
05/04/12 Boosting Bone Strength Orthopedics script
05/03/12 Speech After Stroke-Treating Aphasia Rehabilitation script
05/02/12 Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Pediatrics script
05/01/12 Catching Autism Early Pediatrics script
04/30/12 Young Women at High Risk for Melanoma Cancer script
04/29/12 Signs your Balance May Be Failing You Rehabilitation script
04/28/12 Minor Impact, Major Results with Arthroscopic Shoulder Orthopedics script
04/27/12 Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy for Early Stage Breast Cancer Cancer script
04/26/12 Hope for Ulcerative Colitis Gastrointestinal script
04/25/12 Treating Male Menopause Men’s Health script
04/24/12 Pool Safety Pediatrics script
04/23/12 A New Path for Cardiac Catheterization Cardiology script
04/22/12 Transplant Selection Transplant script
04/21/12 New Treatment for Female Incontinence Women’s Health script
04/20/12 Ear Tube Surgery Pediatrics script
04/19/12 Midwives Make it a Special Delivery Women’s Health script
04/18/12 Losing Weight the Smart Weigh Wellness script
04/17/12 Hip Hip Hooray for Hip Arthroscopy Orthopedics script
04/16/12 Robotic Surgery Safer for Prostate and Kidney Surgery script
04/15/12 Keeping your Brain Young Neurology script
04/14/12 Aortic Stenosis: The Aging Heart Disease Cardiology script
04/13/12 More Could Benefit from Colonoscopy Cancer script
04/12/12 O.R. Waiting Room Massages Wellness script
04/11/12 CT Scanners Imaging script
04/10/12 Pediatrics: Mending Broken Elbows Pediatrics script
04/09/12 Living with Congestive Heart Failure Cardiology script
04/08/12 Healthy Eating Starts at Work Diet/Nutrition script
04/07/12 What is a Level II Trauma Center Trauma script
04/06/12 Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Cancer script
04/05/12 Seniors and Tai Chi Wellness script
04/04/12 New Twist on Spine Surgery Neurology script
04/03/12 ALS Clinics Increase Quality of Life Neurology script
04/02/12 Kids with Crohn's Pediatrics script
04/01/12 Types of Female Incontinence Women’s Health script
03/31/12 Staging Cancer Cancer script
03/30/12 Nurse Practitioners Filling a Void Awareness script
03/29/12 Tonsillectomy to Fix Child Sleep Disorder Pediatrics script
03/28/12 Palliative Care Offers a Team Approach Palliative Care script
03/27/12 Females Suffer More ACL Injuries Orthopedics script
03/26/12 MRI Goggles Pediatrics script
03/25/12 Interventional Pain Management Pain Management script
03/24/12 Celiac Disease and Bone Health Gastrointestinal script
03/23/12 Your 5 Keys to Diagnosing Metabolic Syndrome Cardiology script
03/22/12 Plasma Button Men’s Health script
03/21/12 Difference Between Alzheimer's and Dementia Neurology script
03/20/12 Autism and Minorities Pediatrics script
03/19/12 Joint Replacement, Second Time Around Orthopedics script
03/18/12 New Menu: Hospital Room Service Awareness script
03/17/12 Treatment of Pet Bites Awareness script
03/16/12 Getting a Grip on Your Balance Rehabilitation script
03/15/12 Stroller Moms Women’s Health script
03/14/12 Oncotyping Cancer script
03/13/12 Get Your Rear in Gear Cancer script
03/12/12 Top Tips to Avoid a Stroke Neurology script
03/11/12 It Take Two: Safety Initiative Awareness script
03/10/12 Women Hiding Hernias Surgery script
03/09/12 Boys & HPV Vaccine Pediatrics script
03/08/12 Voice Aerobics Rehabilitation script
03/07/12 Drugs & the ER Awareness script
03/06/12 Surviving Cancer Cancer script
03/05/12 Wearable Defibrillators Cardiology script
03/04/12 Early Detection, Treatment of Diabetes Paying Off Diabetes script
03/03/12 Treating Job Related Back Pain Orthopedics script
03/02/12 Getting a Jump on Osteoporosis Orthopedics script
03/01/12 Pediatric Sedation Pediatrics script
02/29/12 Regaining Control with Stroke Therapy Rehabilitation script
02/28/12 Plaque Linked to Alzheimer's Found in Middle Neurology script
02/27/12 Getting Behind Colorectal Screening Cancer script
02/26/12 Working your way to Better Health Wellness script
02/25/12 Wound Care Centers Accelerate Healing Wound Care script
02/24/12 Raising the Risk for Ear Infections Pediatrics script
02/23/12 Arthroscopic Hip: Boosting Mobility without a Replacement Orthopedics script
02/22/12 Yoga for MS Wellness script
02/21/12 Hair Sparing Craniotomy Neurology script
02/20/12 Live Organ Donors Transplant script
02/19/12 What is a PSA Test? Cancer script
02/18/12 Use of Laparoscopy in Hysterectomy Women’s Health script
02/17/12 Added Eyes and Arms: Robotic Surgery Surgery script
02/16/12 Minimally Invasive Medicine Awareness script
02/15/12 Breakthrough Gallbladder Removal Surgery script
02/14/12 X-Lift Spine Surgery Orthopedics script
02/13/12 New Solution for Age Old Heart Condition Cardiology script
02/12/12 Keeping your Resolve Wellness script
02/11/12 Trauma by the Numbers Trauma script
02/10/12 Bionic Man: Four Joint Replacements Orthopedics script
02/09/12 The Flu and You Prevention script
02/08/12 Midwives Deliver a Personal Experience Women’s Health script
02/07/12 Taking Care of the Female Heart Cardiology script
02/06/12 Treating PVD the Endovascular Way Surgery script
02/05/12 Palliative Care on the Rise Palliative Care script
02/04/12 Smoke Free Workplaces Reducing Risks Prevention script
02/03/12 Dog with Jobs: Pet Therapy Rehabilitation script
02/02/12 Latest Childhood Obesity Levels Pediatrics script
02/01/12 Frozen Shoulder Orthopedics script
01/31/12 HPV & Cancer Cancer script
01/30/12 Early Detection of Melanoma Cancer script
01/29/12 TRX for Rehab Rehabilitation script
01/28/12 Recognizing Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes Diabetes script
01/27/12 Chronic Ear Infections Pediatrics script
01/26/12 When its not Cancer: The Enlarged Prostate Men’s Health script
01/25/12 Changes in Top 5 Killers Awareness script
01/24/12 Defibrillator-Pacemaker: What's the Difference? Cardiac script
01/23/12 Open MRI Imaging script
01/22/12 Osteoarthritis of the Hip Orthopedics script
01/21/12 Skin Cancer Not Just Summer Concern Cancer script
01/20/12 Traveling with a Medical Condition Awareness script
01/19/12 Treating Leukemia in Children Pediatrics script
01/18/12 Straightening the Back with Spinal Fusion Orthopedics script
01/17/12 Breakthrough Procedure for Heart Valve Surgery Cardiology script
01/16/12 New Treatment for Stress Incontinence Women’s Health script
01/15/12 Adult Onset Asthma Pulmonary script
01/14/12 Vaccinations for Your New Year Prevention script
01/13/12 Cookie's Place: A Healing Space Cancer script
01/12/12 Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Women’s Health script
01/11/12 Out-Patient Surgery Options Surgery script
01/10/12 Most Common Types of Seizures Pediatrics script
01/09/12 Acupuncture: Age-Old Healing Cancer script
01/08/12 Bilateral Knee Replacement: When Two Knees Go Bad Orthopedics script
01/07/12 The Truth Behind Elective Births Pediatrics script
01/06/12 Recognizing Lymphedema Rehabilitation script
01/05/12 Heart Procedures Performed Through the Wrist Cardiac script
01/04/12 Trauma Centers: Targeting the Second Peak Trauma script
01/03/12 Options for Breast Cancer Patients Cancer script
01/02/12 Man on a Mission: Childhood Obesity Pediatrics script
01/01/12 Top Health Resolutions Wellness script

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