Holding Off Holiday Pounds: November 24, 2011

Tis’ the season to gobble and gulp and once you’re done, wash it down with dessert. Doris Molander acknowledges her weakness.

“Anything chocolate. I’m a proud chocoholic, but all under control.”

To make up for her indulgence, Doris hits the gym. She sees major temptations ahead.

“My feelings are to work harder right now in anticipation of the holidays and eating all the naughty things we’re not supposed to eat,” says Doris.

Thanksgiving jump-starts the holidays, and for many the poultry fest packs on the pounds. Heather Parker is with the Wellness Center of Cape Coral.

“Try to reduce the calories of the things that you’re taking in by not eating the crust on that pecan pie or the pumpkin pie. The crust has a lot of fat and calories in it so if you try to skip most of the crust that will save you about 100 calories,” says Heather Parker, an exercise specialist with Lee Memorial Health System.

She’s issuing a ‘be on the lookout’ for hidden calories.

“I don’t know what people put in their stuffing, they could put a stick of butter in it. The same thing with potatoes, mashed potatoes, you can hide a lot of extra bad fat calories,” says Heather.

Once the holidays hit, many of us suspend our workouts and healthy eating. Hoping to make up for it with a New Year’s resolution.

“I always tell people start right now. If you think you want to be healthy start right today right this hour. Don’t put it off until January. Try your best during the holidays and then let that lead into a healthier lifestyle overall,” says Heather.

So when you put down your fork, consider adding a new Thanksgiving tradition.

“Get up, do the dishes, go for a walk after the dishes are done - even if it’s ten minutes. When you’re walking and talking it helps actually digest your food,” says Heather.


Activity also helps offset the turkey’s tryptophan and keep you from dozing the day away. And one final note to chew on:  “Getting off your regular routine plus eating more, it’s very easy to gain ten pounds in a week,” says Heather.

Certainly food for thought.