Balance Clinic-Saving you a Trip: May 15, 2011

We all feel off-balance at times, but if it's a constant condition it could lead to serious consequences. Injuries from falls often result in death, especially in the elderly.

Marvin Borycki is a caretaker to his wife Delphine. Along with several health issues she has trouble with her balance.

"She's fallen two or three times and we've been in the emergency room where she cut her eye, her head open," says Borycki.

It's why Delphine gets balance therapy. Regaining balance is extremely important. In Lee county the number one cause of death is from injuries related to falls.

"People fall, they fracture their hips, they have injuries, they get pneumonia and other things," says physical therapist Brandie Redman. "It tends to be a very downhill slope from there."

If it can't eliminate false altogether the goal of balance therapy is to minimize them by showing patients how better recover from a misstep. "We also work on balance strategies which helps you if you do start to lose your balance," Redman says.

Regular sessions are making life safer and easier for Delphine.

"Since she's been in therapy she hasn't been falling, she's moving along just great," Borycki says.

A simple balance screening, offered by Lee Memorial Health System, could be your first step in regaining control of your well being.