Sharing Through SHARE Club: April 11, 2011

Class is in session, but for 79 year old Terry Decker, it's more than just a learning experience. "I lost my husband last year and after losing him, I increased my hours here instead of sitting home and brooding. And being around a new group of people very 5 weeks helped me tremendously."

This week is National Volunteer Week and Terry is a volunteer with SHARE Club. She serves as both an instructor and a coach for the club's computer classes. "There was two classes that I coached in that we had a 92 year old gentleman who was a widower and he was doing wonderful. He came in knowing nothing. And he went out of those classes with a big smile on his face. Gave us all a hug and thanked us for all the knowledge he had gained through coaching."

SHARE Club is always looking for more volunteers and coaches. Terry encourages people to get involved. "Anyone can coach. As long as they have the interest and that they want to do it. There's such wonderful people that come in here. They really do appreciate what the instructors and the coaches are doing."

While working one-on-one with students, she found healing in her own volunteering process. "I was married for 61 years when I lost my husband. And this past year and a half, having all these people around me is what helped me."

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, you can call 239-772-6765.