Get Moving with Pulmonary Rehab: February 15, 2011

It was a summer excursion that Margaret Morgan won’t soon forget. “I went to Colorado. My girls live at 7,000 feet, and I’d been going there for about 9 years, but this last summer it hit me. And I had to go on oxygen. And then I got the diagnosis.”

Margaret received word that she had COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Her doctor put her on a program to help her deal with the condition. Pulmonary rehabilitation is part of the plan. “I’m a golfer and before I came to rehab, I had a difficult time. I couldn’t play without being on oxygen most of time.”

Because of her weekly sessions at Lee Memorial Hospital, Margaret doesn’t have to rely on oxygen tanks as often. Not only does she receive a physical boost, she gets an emotional one as well. “The therapists are just great. They are superior. I get a better way of life. Definitely.”

Margaret has dealt with a lot of pulmonary issues throughout her lifetime. Chronic bronchitis, chemical pneumonia and she smoked. She had quit several years ago but the damage had already been done which is why she especially encourages young people to kick the habit. “You should quit. And it’s difficult, but make it a point to try to get in a program to do it.”

Because of her pulmonary exercises, Margaret is back out on the golf course and is maintaining an active social life as well.