Radiation Therapy: Better Care in Less Time: January 15, 2011

“The Truebeam is special in that this is the latest most modern piece of technology for the treatment of cancer with radiation therapy,” says Dr. Constantine Mantz, a radiation oncologist on the medical staff of Lee Memorial Health System.

Inside this state of the art machine rests technology that can handle many physical situations. “We can treat patients who have bone mastastisis in the spine, or the hip which is usually a treatment that requires very simple technology,” explains Dr. Mantz. “And we can also use this machine to treat patients with the most complex form of therapy called stereotactic radiosurgery which is a very precise, highly condensed, pinpoint type of radiation therapy that we use to treat brain tumors, lung cancers, liver cancers, and other diseases that require an extremely high degree of precision for safe and effective treatment.”

Called the Truebeam, it’s recognized for its extreme accuracy. It can pinpoint tumors without harming any other organs that may surround it. “It can cone down and focus the radiation beam with a tremendous amount of precision on to that tumor.”

This new cutting edge technology can also mean less time on the radiation table. “For our patients who are appropriate candidates for stereotactic radiosurgery, we can deliver a full course of treatment over a few number of visits because the machine has such accuracy and such precision and can deliver a large dose so quickly that we can cut down the number of visits the patient needs to make to receive a course of treatment.”

Dr. Mantz adds that this machine housed at the Regional Cancer Center was one of only two installed in the entire state last year.