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Cardiac Rehabilitation

What's it for?

Cardiac rehabilitation is used to improve the health of patients with heart disease. It can also help patients who are recovering from a heart attack, as well as those who recently had heart surgery.

Benefits of a cardiac rehabilitation program can include reduced cardiac symptoms, better long-term survival, weight loss, improved cholesterol and triglyceride levels, improved blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels in diabetics and reduced stress.

How it's done

Lee Memorial Health System cardiac rehabilitation program provides complete cardiac rehabilitation in a center that helps you to feel safe and supported. Cardiac rehabilitation is covered by most insurance plans with the patient responsible for any co-pay or balance due. *

Cardiac rehabilitation is important for individuals who have had any of the following:

  • A recent heart attack
  • Heart surgery, such as a coronary bypass
  • A valve replacement or repair
  • Angioplasty or stenting
  • Stable angina
  • Heart transplant

Cardiac rehabilitation works in phases:

Phase I (Inpatient)

If your cardiac condition requires a hospital stay, your rehabilitation will begin while you are in the hospital. You will learn about your heart's function, heart disease, the role diet and exercise play in your recovery, as well as begin limited physical activity.

Phase II (Outpatient)

Phase II cardiac rehabilitation is geared toward improving quality of life and reducing the risk associated with heart problems. It is designed specifically for people who have had recent heart problems such as angina, heart attack, angioplasty and open-heart surgery. Phase II cardiac rehabilitation is offered at HealthPark Medical Center and Cape Coral Hospital. A physician referral is required for entry into the program.

Phase III

Phase III cardiac rehabilitation is for heart patients who have completed Phase II or need less supervision and monitoring. This program emphasizes independence while helping the patient to maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle. Phase III programs are offered at HealthPark Medical Center, Lee Center for Rehabilitation & Wellness and the Wellness Center of Cape Coral. A physician referral is required for entry into the program. Program components and membership fees are specific to each location. Because Phase III is considered a maintenance program, the membership fee is usually not covered by insurance companies. Ask your physician for a Phase III cardiac rehabilitation referral.

* Medicare covers approximately 80 percent of the cost of cardiac rehabilitation. Most supplemental insurance will cover the remainder of the balance if the patient has a supplemental policy.

Technology and expertise at Lee Memorial Health System

The Lee Memorial Health System Cardiac Rehab Program offers patients the most advanced cardiac rehabilitation facility in the area. We also provide a staff that is completely dedicated and highly trained in the rehabilitation of heart patients.

  • We provide full medical supervision at all times.
  • We provide a safe environment, where your heart function can be carefully monitored during exercise.
  • Doctors, nurses, exercise physiologists, and a dietitian are all on staff.

Who to contact

For more information on the cardiac rehabilitation program at Lee Memorial Health System, call:

Inpatient Program
HealthPark Medical Center............................ 239-343-5720
Cape Coral Hospital....................................... 239-424-2396
Outpatient Program
HealthPark Medical Center............................. 239-343-5720
Lee Center for Rehabilitation & Wellness.... 239-418-2000
Wellness Center of Cape Coral..................... 239-573-4800

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