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Accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer as Comprehensive Community Cancer Center.  The LMHS Cancer Program received a 3-year certification with 5 commendations.

Hospital Accreditation by DNV.

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Regional Cancer Center
Lee Memorial Health System
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Research & Clinical Trials

The hallmark of cancer care is often the availability of clinical trials. Carefully conducted clinical trials are the fastest and safest way to find treatments that work in people and ways to improve health. All of today's standard cancer treatments were first tested and proven effective in clinical trials. The ongoing support and participation in clinical trials is a key to success of developing new and better cancer treatments.

The Regional Cancer Center participates in Gynecologic Oncology Group Cooperative Group studies for women with a gynecologic cancer and Cancer Trials Support Unit clinical trials. To learn more about clinical trials, please visit

The Regional Cancer Center has been participating in oncology clinical research for almost 20 years (in our current facility and previously at the Lee Memorial Hospital). We are committed to providing excellent patient care, while insuring ethical conduct and scientific integrity. Please contact the clinical research coordinator at 239-343-9547 if you need more information about our clinical trials.

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical Trials are studies that are conducted with human subjects that consist of giving specific drugs in an orderly, carefully planned way. The purpose of clinical trials is to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of a particular intervention or drug regimen in preventing, treating or eliminating a disease. Clinical trials also can evaluate whether a particular regimen improves upon the current treatment, which often is referred to as the standard of care. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Institutional Review Committee (IRC) approve all clinical trials before patients are recruited. Clinical trials go through a standard process or phase and each phase has specific goals. The phases of a clinical trial are identified as: Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV.

Clinical Trials: Frequently Asked Questions

Regional Cancer Center participates in Florida Cancer Specialists' Clinical Trials.  To search for a currently available study, please  click here.  (If you are using a mobile device, follow this link.)

Click here to read the article about clinical trials, as published in the August/September 2011 issue of the Healthy News.

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