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Welcome to Patient Billing

We know that hospital and health care bills can be confusing. We're here to help make your bills easier to understand and paying for your hospital care as manageable as possible - before, during and after your stay.

In this site, you'll find information about our billing process, insurance policies, discount programs and more. If you prefer to talk to us over the phone or in person, click here to request a callback or appointment. We have specialists at all hospital locations.

What's inside?

Pay your bill online
Pay your bill or review your account online using our secure patient access site. You may need the patient's account number, date of birth, and last four social security number digits to log in.
Understanding your patient bill
Get help understanding the statements and bills you may receive, and find information about our billing process and policies.
Why are bills so complicated?
Billing process
Samples of statements
Comparing your bill to insurance
Financial assistance
We have a number of programs to help make paying for your care more manageable, including discounts for low-income patients and for prompt payment.
Discount programs
Payment options
Obstetrics pre-pay program
Forms and brochures
Insurance help
If you need help understanding your insurance and how it fits into our billing process, let us know. We have information online and are happy to meet with you in person or over the phone, as well.
Private insurance
Auto insurance
Disputing denied claims
Estimates and costs
We've gathered resources to help you prepare for your stay and understand what to expect when you leave the hospital.
Request an estimate
How much do procedures typically


Please note: If it has been more than six weeks since your hospital stay and your insurance has not yet paid its share of the hospital bill, please contact your insurance provider to expedite payment. If your insurance plan does not pay, you may be liable for full payment of the bill.

Our hospital does not receive financial support from taxes or other government programs. We depend on insurers and patients paying their bills so we can keep our hospitals running and continue to provide health care in our region.

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